Gogo knows there is no single solution for every airline

Every airline has unique needs. Just as you wouldn’t use one type of aircraft for your entire global route network, Gogo’s array of connectivity technologies offer options to fit your fleet’s make-up and missions. We’ll work with you to meet the current and future demands of your fleet, passengers, and route structure.


This revolutionary solution leverages next-generation spot-beam satellites to deliver unprecedented performance and enhanced equatorial coverage.


Proprietary to Gogo and leverages Intelsat and SES Ku satellites




Estimated mid-2015

The revolutionary dual antenna

2Ku uses dual-antenna technology – one for the upward (receive-only) link to the aircraft, the other for the downward (return) link to the ground. Gogo's U.S.-based Ground-To-Orbit solution utilizes one of the same proprietary antennas used in 2Ku.

2x spectral efficiency

2Ku offers twice the spectral efficiency with Ku wide and spot-beam satellites, which means more bandwidth for less cost. It's also compatible with current and next-generation Ku satellites (HTS) scheduled for service in 2017.

Low-drag design

The 2Ku antenna features a streamlined radome with a low-profile of 17 cm to reduce drag compared to other SATCOM solutions. The clean, simple design also requires less equipment compared to other SATCOM solutions, resulting in lower total cost of ownership.

A superior customer experience

With antenna speeds up to 70 Mbps, customers can do more online, in air. This will make 2Ku the most TV-friendly solution in the market, with higher picture quality for various applications, including IPTV. 2Ku also delivers superior performance at equatorial regions for a seamless experience.
Find out how this exclusive global IFC technology uses a streamlined dual-antenna to deliver unrivaled efficiency at unprecedented speeds. Expected in mid-2015!

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