Fully customizable inflight entertainment in the hands of your passengers

Gogo’s wireless inflight entertainment meets the growing needs of your airline and your passengers — today and into the future.

Inflight Entertainment

Embedded IFE systems were once the only way to deliver inflight entertainment to passengers. Gogo’s 2011 launch of Gogo Vision changed all that. Gogo’s wireless IFE solution was the first to allow passengers to stream content to their own Wi-Fi devices. Gogo’s wireless IFE can now operate completely independent of connectivity. Passengers choose from a diverse catalog of titles customized to the business goals of your airline. So your passengers get the freedom they want, and you retain full control of your airline’s brand voice.

Designed for your airline

Gogo’s wireless inflight entertainment provides an array of IFE solutions designed to suit your airline’s business goals, with or without connectivity. Our highly customizable platform is easily branded with your airline. Flexible business models allow you to choose between using your IFE as an additional revenue stream, or to offer it as added value to passengers. For aircraft with connectivity, Gogo’s wireless IFE can even provide real-time flight information on passenger content consumption. An installation can be as fast as overnight, and content updates are as easy as plugging in a flash drive. To date, Gogo has performed over 1500 installations. See how Gogo’s wireless IFE is designed to fit your fleet. ↗

Let your passengers run
the show

Your passengers will remember their flight for the freedom and control they had over their entertainment options. Onboard servers are 1.2 terabytes, capable of holding several hundred hours of content. This gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility in choosing the kind of content passengers can wirelessly stream on their own devices, allowing you to carefully craft the interaction while giving passengers what you know they want. Interesting add-ons, such as flight tracking and weather, can be made available to enrich the overall passenger experience. See how passengers will interact with Gogo’s wireless IFE. ↗

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